The Wonderwash Portable Washing Machine is a great hand-powered, alternative and small laundry device that uses no electricity at all.  Instead, it uses a patented pressure system that makes the detergent go into the fabric and remove dirt and stains which results a quick and easy wash. The unique spinning wash system that it uses also prevents residue from the soap that often remains on clothes when using the larger, electric washers. The Wonderwash works fine with delicate clothes such as woolens, silks, knits, and cashmere as well as your every day items and can handle 7-8 shirts, 8-10 T-shirts, 25-30 pairs of socks or three pairs of jeans in one load.

One reason I like the Wonderwash so much is it’s speed. You can wash a 5 lb load in under 5 minutes easy – and it looks like it went through a full wash cycle in an electric washing machine. Another reason is that is uses almost no water at all. We really have no idea how much water electric washing machines waste every load – it’s a lot – but the Wonderwash uses less water than even hand washing your clothes. And of course, because it’s so compact and portable, you can take it anywhere you go and store it wherever. Lastly, it is a very ‘green” solution as it requires less water, less soap and no electricity. So overall, it is one of the best ways to do laundry.


When/Where Can I Use the Wonderwash?

There are many times and places where the Wonderwash can come in handy.

  • Just Be Green – replace your electric washer with a Wonderwash
  • Emergencies – Natural disasters, no electricity
  • 72 Hour Kit – Great preparedness item
  • Humanitarian Uses – Great for when you’re providing service in parts of the world where electricity/water may be limited
  • Washing Machine breaks down – Expensive and time consuming to repair, great replacement for however long you need it
  • Backpacking, Camping or Hunting – No need to carry around dirty clothes, pack less and clean as you go
  • RV or Camper Owners – Very portable and ‘storeable’ with no need to go to a laundromat
  • Military – A perfect item for a member of the military

Go ahead! Get your Wonderwash today!

2 Responses to Wonderwash

  1. Sam Starocci says:

    Terrific. I am doing a load now. At 76 this may allow me to do “my stuff” more often . All that is left is wringing the water out.

  2. SAHM says:

    Finally got this for christmas. I LOVE IT!!! I live in a small apartment with a kid and no washing machine. This thing works great and is very fast. Adjusting the soap input was a must as i use HE laundry soap. It’s great for an outfit plus a few extra socks or small things. I would suggest getting a wringer as well as this does not extract the water afterwards.

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