the-laundry-podWhen it comes to washing clothes by hand, The Laundry POD is another great item that can save you time, water and money. It’s a very portable, green clothes washer that was designed to wash small laundry loads barely using any water and no electricity at all! It has actually won the Greener Gadget and Top Global Innovation GIA awards – so people definitely like it. So whether the power’s out or you’re camping, you can still get your essential clothes clean with the Laundry POD.

The Laundry POD uses a hand-operated spinning system that washes your clothes or other items and then extracts the water to make for a short drying time. It’s more efficient and easier than doing laundry by hand, and perfect for washing delicates and hard to clean items. It’s small enough to be very portable, but sturdy enough to face those tough laundry challenges and win. The Laundry POD is perfect for dorm rooms, apartment complexes, camping, hunting or for anyone that’s looking to go green. In fact, doing a load of laundry in a regular electric washing machine uses up to 40 gallons of water each time. With this fantastic device you use absolutely no electricity and more 10 times less water. Sounds like a great idea to me.


When/Where Can I Use The Laundry POD?

There are many times and places where The Laundry POD can come in handy.

  • Washing Machine breaks down – Expensive and time consuming to repair, great replacement for however long you need it
  • Just Be Green – replace your electric washer with The Laundry POD
  • RV or Camper Owners – Very portable and ‘storeable’ with no need to go to a laundromat
  • Emergencies – Natural disasters, no electricity
  • 72 Hour Kit – Great preparedness item
  • Military – A perfect item for a member of the military
  • Humanitarian Uses – Great for when you’re providing service in parts of the world where electricity/water may be limited
  • Backpacking, Camping or Hunting – No need to carry around dirty clothes, pack less and clean as you go

Go ahead! Get The Laundry POD Today!

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