The Rapid Washer, or Breathing Mobile Washer as some call it, is a must have for anybody who plans on doing laundry by hand. As opposed to the metal rapid washer, this will never rust away, ever. It is made from lightweight and very durable plastic and has a sturdy wooden handle. It’s very portable and can be disassembled and put back together with ease.

It is quite the powerful washer. It pushes and pulls water through your clothes, and it will even pull out residual soap or detergent in the clothes left over from a previous wash in an electric washing machine. While being a great washer, the Rapid Washer is very gentle on your clothes. You control the agitation and can change depending on the type of clothes you are washing.

You can even use it with large items such as sheets, comforters, rugs, blankets and even sleeping bags. On top of all this, the Rapid Washer is a perfect ‘green’ product as you will use less water, soap/detergent, and electricity.

This simple hand clothes washer is much more effective than washing clothes by hand alone. The up and down action that is uses causes  water to be pushed and pulled through the clothes to clean them without a lot of wear and tear on your hands that there otherwise would be without a Rapid Washer. It sounds like it breathes with every up and down motion, hence the name Breathing Mobile Washer.

When/Where Can I Use the Rapid Washer?
There are many times and places where the Rapid Washer can come in handy.
  • Emergencies – Natural disasters, no electricity
  • Washing Machine breaks down – Expensive and time consuming to repair, great replacement for however long you need it
  • Backpacking, Camping or Hunting – No need to carry around dirty clothes, pack less and clean as you go
  • Humanitarian Uses – Great for when you’re providing service in parts of the world where water/electricity may be limited
  • RV or Camper Owners – Very portable and no need to go to a laundromat
  • Hard to Clean or Delicate items – A very gentle way to clean your clothes, as well as cleaning hard to reach places
  • 72 Hour Kit – Great preparedness item
  • Military – A perfect item for a member of the military. In fact, Dave Jones wrote about his son’s experience in Afghanistan with the Rapid Washer:

“My son is fighting at a tiny combat outpost in Afghanistan. They have no washers, no amenities. I ordered this and had it directly shipped to my son. He called me and told me it works very well!

He said you put your water, soap clothes in bucket of water. You plunge up and down which causes a suction in the water. The water actually is sucked through the clothing and removes dirt. He emptied his bucket of water and soap and repeated until the water stayed clean. Then he poured rinse water in the buck and repeated to remove soap. All the guys at the outpost are actually excited over this little device! No more soiled, stinking clothes!”

Overall, this is a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone. Here’s the best price I have found so far:

Here’s where you can buy a Rapid Washer
Also, don’t forget to get your clothes wringer while you’re at it. As demonstrated in the video, it goes hand in hand with the Rapid Washer.

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