spin-dryerThe Portable Spin Dryer is a great invention that saves lots of time and especially electricity in the drying process. A conventional tumble dryer (spins at a rate of 450 rpm) completes a cycle in approximately 30 – 40 minutes and uses quite a bit of electricity; whereas the Spin Dryer takes only 2 to 3 minutes per load (spins at a rate of 3200 rpm) and only has an average power consumption of 400 watts! On top of this, the Spin Dryer is also much more gentle on clothes than a normal dryer for a few reasons. My favorite is that it removes the soap/detergent and mineral deposits from the clothes instead of baking them in like a tumble dryer does.

Despite its low cost and portability, the Portable Spin Dryer is a high quality item that features a heavy metal construction and is built with commercial grade plastics, so it will last for years even if in constant use. On top of this, it uses a unique electronic ABS braking system that is much more durable and gentle than the usual bicycle brakes that are used by some other spin dryers. I would recommend using this product with a Wonderwash, or Laundry POD. Remember, this is not an ordinary dryer. No heat is used in the spin process and yet clothes come out nearly dry in less than 3 minutes – ready to hang on a clothesline or drying rack.


When/Where Can I Use a Spin Dryer?

There are many times and places where the Spin Dryer can come in handy.
  • RV or Camper Owners – Portable and no need to go to a laundromat for a dryer
  • 72 Hour Kit – Great preparedness item
  • Backpacking, Camping or Hunting – No need to wait forever for your clothes to dry
  • Dryer breaks down – Expensive and time consuming to repair, great replacement for however long you need it
  • Humanitarian Uses – Easy to use and very efficient
  • Hard to Dry items – A perfect way to dry your clothes that seem to take forever to dry
  • Military – A perfect item for a member of the military
  • Emergencies – Natural disasters – uses little electricity

Although most of the products I review on Handlaundry.com require no electricity to use, the Spin Dryer does require a small amount. If you would still like to use it in power outages or other similar circumstances, I would recommend checking out www.HumlessSentinel.com for information on a great product that I use to power all my different gizmos and gadgets when the need arises.

Go ahead! Get your Spin Dryer today!

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    It looks and sounds terrific and just what I need.

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